11 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

11 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

Bloggers have dozens of methods that they can use to make money with their website and start earning an income from their hard work.

Here is a closer look at some steps that you can take to make money blogging while building up a strong and loyal following.

1. Traditional Ads

For those who have been wondering how to make money blogging, traditional advertisements are the most straightforward option.

In the case of programs such as Google AdSense, the blogger will provide open tiles and banners on their website where advertisements will go.

Depending on the type of advertisements that are placed on your site, you will either get a small amount of money every time that the advertisement is clicked or a larger payment if a sale is made.

2. Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate advertising requires slightly more work than traditional pay per click (PPC) ad networks, but it is a very lucrative way to make money blogging.

Instead of relatively random ads throughout your site, you will work directly with a company such as Best Buy or go through an advertising intermediary such as CJ Affiliate or Amazon.

In most cases, these ads will be tied to a specific blog post with links throughout the page.

What further sets this style of advertising apart is the fact that bloggers can get paid more when they bring in more customers.

Companies often offer huge bonuses to popular bloggers who bring in a larger volume of paying customers instead of paying a flat rate.

3. Selling Custom Ad Space

This type of advertising should be thought of as a digital billboard.

Instead of you having full control over your blog page, you will give the other company control over the layout of the page and the appearance of the advertisement.

Selling custom ad space often requires a close relationship with the company as both sides will need to trust one another.

The company might offer additional payouts for clicks or sales, but most will offer compensation for impressions (visitors on the page) and the amount of time that the ad is up.

4. Sponsored Posts

Much like selling custom ad space, sponsored posts will require a close relationship with the company that is going to do the advertising.

The most common type of sponsored post is a product or service review with a series of links at the end of the page.

As a general rule, companies look for a blogger who can provide a good review without overselling the product or service.

Bloggers generally only want a few sponsored posts and reviews per year in order to maintain the integrity of their website.

5. Selling Your Own Products

If you happen to have a physical product that you would like to sell, then why not try to sell it through your website?

Selling your products through your website will provide you with a number of unique benefits.

You will maintain full control over your brand’s narrative without the need to advertise through a third party.

Bloggers can use their website as a platform for promoting their products with links to the sales page throughout the site.

6. Memberships

A membership site requires bloggers to adopt third-party software to block all non-members from accessing their information.

As a general rule, these customers will have higher expectations of the content. This means that the blogger will need to focus on updating their information as often as possible or provide unique information that can’t be found anywhere else.

This often includes media such as how-to videos for very specific skills that you might possess.

Membership sites generally provide updated information multiple times a day.

7. E-Books

Writing an e-book is a great way to make money online whether you run a blog or not.

E-books have become extremely popular in recent years with countless devices that are now compatible with e-book files.

You can either sell the e-book directly through your website or use another program such as Amazon Marketplace. Once the book is written, you will then need to use your website as a platform to advertise the book and connect with readers.

8. Workshops

A workshop is very similar to an e-course, but it is generally carried out live using an audio or video program.

Workshops are excellent for new bloggers who want to make money without creating a longer e-course or using traditional online advertising.

Access to the workshop will be sold before the workshop is carried out, and this means instant income for you and your blog.

As time goes on and your blog grows, you can then think about making the transition over to e-courses.

9. E-Courses

Creating an e-course will require a serious investment of time and energy on your part, but the payout can be much larger.

E-courses are typically broken up into modules that must be completed in a specific order. The students can either pay for all modules at once or pay for each new class as they progress.

E-courses are often more lucrative for bloggers that already have a sizable following and typically hosted by companies such as Udemy.

The blog will simply be used as a platform to direct traffic to the individual’s e-course or workshop.

10. Consultations

Professional consulting and coaching has grown in popularity in recent years as more people see the value of this type of mentorship.

Unlike e-courses and workshops that are designed for a broader audience, consultations are a much more personalized form of teaching.

Many successful bloggers consult with other companies or bloggers and help them expand their own brand. That being said, online consultations can be carried out for practically any skill imaginable.

11. Event Speaking

Much like creating a blog, speaking at an event should be seen as a trade off of your time for money or increased exposure.

Many popular bloggers have made the transition to event speakers and use their website as a form of advertisement. The biggest hurdle of becoming an event speaker is the fact that you will need to have an established group of followers.

Once you are established, however, monetizing your website by speaking at events can be quite lucrative.

Anyone who has been wondering how to make money blogging should realize that it will be a long and arduous path to a steady income.

That being said, those who are patient and continue to persevere can make money blogging while working from the comfort of their very own home.

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