Fixed Matches Mistake Bettors Make

Fixed Matches Mistake Bettors Make

Last Updated on June 17th, 2020

Fixed Matches are not easy to come by

Yes ! they are Not and also Not All HT/FT Tips you see out there are Fixed …

Many bettors want to grow their bankroll without taking a risk.

As sports betting goes, taking risks is essential to the whole endeavor in the first place.

As more stories about fixed matches in football seem to leak out year after year, the reality is that most casual bettors think they can join the bandwagon to bet on these matches and make a lot of money.

The reality is that it’s almost impossible to anticipate these matches, and staking on good researched games and predictions would be even more beneficial on a day-to-day basis.

There are many reasons why solely relying on fixed matches is not a smart strategy, some of which will be outlined in this article.

These particular situations are hard to predict and hard to spot before they have taken place, making it a difficult proposition.

The leagues and countries in which a suspicious match takes place are very varied and usually at the lowest level of the sport.

This makes it difficult to keep track of the most obscure tournaments and matches.

For example, in football most match fixing happens at the very lowest levels, some you cant even see on some football livescore websites.

Finding information on regular fixed matches is not easy, and most people do not have access to such information.

Spotting a fix early requires knowledge of the league it will take place in, having the right source, knowing what the odds will be, and then anticipating it at the right moment.

All of these are very difficult as these matches do not get televised,
Do not have live scores aside from certain betting websites and that would put you at a disadvantage.

You simply would not know the matches are taking place until it is too late.

Even professional bettors who are following the markets every day do not notice irregularities until after the fix has already started.

The only reason clues are present is because an arranged match is obvious and the odds do not match up to what the bookies would regularly put up,

but people only notice the strange odds after all the bets have been placed and by then it is too late to make any worthwhile profit by jumping on the bandwagon.

There is little to no value in getting involved after all of the involved parties have put their bets in.

Unless you would like to bet 1.09 on something sure to happen and that is not a fast way to make money at all.

fixed proof

When i first got this fixed game the odds was at 30 but later decreased to 24 and later 18 odds

You should not trust anybody offering to sell you fixed matches.

Despite what people think about certain matches being easy to spot, the criminal underworld is involved in most of the fixing by offering people bribes to lose and often are the only ones involved in the entire decision-making process.

Word never leaks out before the match happens, and why would a random person offer to sell tips when they can bet on it and profit themselves,

not to mention that another possible weak link will lead to a possible police investigations.

Most people offering fixed matches on suspicious games are not trustworthy in the best of circumstances and you wouldn’t like to have a double loss if the person is lying.

western union pay

That’s a Western Union payment of 26,285 naira i made to Serbia guy, although its one of the many payments i have made but as usual i lost both the cash and extra money on the game that was sent to me !

Fixed Matches cannot be arranged every single day.

All of the matches that have leaked out have been rare occurrences.

There is a lot of planning involved including talking to the right players and negotiating the right terms with them, making sure the match odds are beneficial to everyone, making sure everything is right and no flags are raised to anyone that is interested as limits can be cut very quickly if any sportsbook suspects suspicious activity.

Rather than arranging many matches every day, the people involved would rather make a lot of money on one match as to mitigate the risk of something going wrong.

Sometimes suspicious bets are caught and the limits are cut instantly.

If the match is not very popular and little money is wagered on it regularly, only for that money to jump exponentially for a random match, bookmarkers are very quick to cut betting limits and minimize the damage that can be done.

These matches are the ones that are never heard of, because no one lost a significant amount of money and because it would be too much work to investigate.

As crooked matches are very rare even in the best of circumstances, the way forward is to rely on normal predictions by researching and a little outside help.

Despite not being a sure thing, good predictions are still very valuable.

Taking into account the teams and players involved, the form and the betting odds, players will be able to make good decisions on how and when to bet, which is the most important attribute for anyone to keep an eye on if they want to have any success.

Money management and strong bets are the way forward, because even if you know all of the inside information in the world, Success will not be possible without discipline.

Before I close this article i would like to show you one of my many conversations with one of the Realest Sources i have met online

fixed matches convo 1

we started of here


fixed matches convo 2

fixed matches convo 3

Me telling him how i have been seriously scammed many times

fixed matches convo 4

i had to make the payment anyway as he wasn’t asking for much

fixed matches convo 5

He sent the first games

fixed matches convo 6

They both won and i was so happy

fixed matches convo 7

fixed matches convo 8

he Kept winning and i kept paying him

fixed matches convo 9

fixed matches convo 10

And suddenly it all started falling apart

fixed matches convo 11

Then His OWN Sources started Scaming him, you could imagine losing 1000 euros = 220,000 naira

fixed matches convo 12

fixed matches convo 13

Then The Losses started happening

fixed matches convo 14

fixed matches convo 15

Lost more than i won together with the fees i paid all Gone

fixed matches convo 16

fixed matches convo 17

Had to stop losing so i cut him off

fixed matches convo 18

Weeks later i contacted him and that was the reply i got

I don’t Know if you all get it now; Fixed matches exist but not everyone you see out has access to such information.

Most of those tips they will provide you with are mere predictions that will look like fixed games which if they are lucky, would work on one or two occasions.

but at the end you will lose more than you have won.

this Source above happens to be sincere and that’s why i even got to receive games, some would just take your money and block you.

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In closing, there are many reasons why solely relying on fixed matches is a bad thing to do.

First, most people do not have the required connections to get the information in time.

Second, most people do not follow the obscure leagues these matches take place in.

Third, having blind faith in a shady person offering you fixed matches is simply a foolish move as you might lose both the fee you paid and what you staked.

Finally, these matches do not happen every day.

If you like to bet for fun or make profits betting, this would not be the way forward.

Therefore, it is better to be organized with your information and predictions in order to make good profit betting on sports.

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