The Secret to Winning Football Prediction

The Secret to Winning Football Prediction

Last Updated on June 17th, 2020

Football prediction is not as easy as ABC.

To be able to forecast good football prediction, you have to consider some factors.

  • The Table Position
  • Head to Head
  • Recent form
  • Injuries
  • The Venue

and many more, we will look into these factors but right now lets talk about your mindset.

You might be wondering what does your “mindset” have to do with football prediction.

A lot i would say…

In every football season, I am sure you have come across a team which in many games is simply too good for the opposition,

Teams like Manchester United, Man City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Juventus and so on.

However, when they play against their fellow title contenders, they get out-played and they simply suck and lose.

So, this very good team can out-class its weaker opponents but can’t quite put on a worthy fight when the going gets tough, even though the bookies believed they can win by giving them the smaller odds.

Let me ask you…

Do you think the weakness of this team against its strong opponents is psychological?


Am a Manchester United fan and this happened a lot to us 2016/17 and First stage of 2017/18 season.

I think the problem is indeed the mindset.

When things on the pitch aren’t going their way, for example, when a team is a goal down, players seem to lose their confidence and their belief to win the game and the body language seems to echo this mindset of “Here we go again”.

This happened to Marseille against Atletico Madrid in the 2018 Europa Final after they conceded the first goal.

Both Liverpool fans and the team lost hope when Salah got injured in the 2018 Champions league final.

You would have noticed that in every league, the teams which ruled supreme year after year, always demonstrated a doggedly “Never give up” stubbornness and determination, especially when they are chasing the equalizing goal.Under whatever circumstances, these teams would display a complete winning package of technical attributes and tactical discipline with impressive levels of power, strength and aggression.

When a football team wants to win a game, they need to have a winning mindset.

And if you, the punter, want to win a bet, you also need to have a winning Mentality.

When you have a mentality of winning, you will carry on winning, but when you lack confidence, you are just waiting for failure, which surely will come along.

Remember this:

What you think in your mind is going to determine how you perform in your betting.

If you think about how to improve your football prediction, your thinking is going to lead you into taking real actions.

You will have the motivation to learn and that’s how your football prediction skills will improve.

The psychologists assert that our mindset is the biggest obstacle in our lives.


Because our mindset determines how we act and react.

having the right mindset is a very important part of becoming a profitable punter.

So if you would like to dynamically improve your football prediction skills, you must make sure you have the “right” mindset, every winning punter has this.

Now, lets look at the three characters you need for a good betting mindset;

  • Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Patience

You might say these traits are logical and commonsense. But truly, do you possess them?
Ask yourself honestly, do you have those three characters:-

✔ Do you treat your betting as a business?
✔ Do you have a betting goal, betting system and a betting plan?

✔ Do you remain focused and consistently apply your laid-down rules especially on money management on every betting day without exception?
✔ Do you get emotional and get carried away?
✔ Do you accept losses as part of the betting business and learn from your mistakes?

✔ Do you give in to greed or fear?
✔ Do you wait patiently for the right opportunity to place your bet?

It is not that hard to make money with your football prediction if your aim is to make money at the end of the week, month or season.

If this is your goal, you will treat your betting as a business.

You will remember to keep to the rules which require discipline and patience.

Don’t be like the punters who THINK they are betting to make money but they have no betting goal, no betting system, and no betting plan.

As the saying goes “You are what you eat”. It is the same with your mindset –


Even with a proven fantastic system, a punter with the incorrect mindset will usually have poor performance.

I strongly believe that once a betting strategies have been established, a major factor that will determine your success is psychological.

So, before I drop one of my betting strategies let me reveal to you the Six major Key Factors i look out for when making a football prediction:

#1  The Standings – What are the table position of the teams you plan to use?

A team positioned high in the league table would be expected to beat a team low in the league table.

#2  Form – The Recent form of the teams.

A team in good form tend to continue their high performance, whereas it can be hard for a team in poor form to get back to winning ways.

So even if a team are placed higher in the league than an opponent, they might struggle to get a result if the opponents are in better form.

#3  Venue – Where is the match being played?

Some Teams tend to perform better playing at their home ground rather than in away fixtures.

You could always look up this stats at just click on the matches and view the (H2H, Standing, Home, Away, Form, Top Scorer stats).

#4  Suspensions – Are any key players suspended, or returning from suspension?

To have a key player unavailable due to suspension can affect a teams form.

#5  Injuries

Injured key players can affect a game, Madrid always suffer when Bale, Benzema and Ronaldo are not around.

#6  Friendly Games

Managers tend to use friendly games to try out untested players such as youth team players and players making a comeback from injury.

As such, I would highly advise against using friendly game, probably wait for the game line-ups to appear before you conclude on your prediction.

If you take this factors into consideration, you will always make the right decision on games 90% of the time.

Now that you have learnt what it takes to make a good football prediction, allow me to show you one of the strategies i use in making good money while testing my patience character.

Its called the CHALLENGE BET

it goes like this…

For example, you make an initial deposit of N2000 and stake it on a 1.3 odd which will make you a profit of N600.

Now you have 2600, if you stake that on another 1.3 odd it wins you a total of N3380, then you keep going…

That is how Challenge bet works.

These returns may seem too small when you start, but over a period of time it becomes significant.

A graph below illustrates this

As shown by the graph, high amounts of money can be turned over as the deposit accumulates with more bets.

This is a popular tactic used by successful punters, many go for sure games with odds between 1.2 and 1.5 in challenges aiming to turn 1 or N2000 into 500,000 or 1 Million.

Below is another example but this time with bigger odds for those who think 1.2 – 1.5 is too small.

The challenge consists of 10 bets – Each bet will be on 3 odds.

Bet 1 –  #1000 x 3  =  #3000

Bet 2 –  #3000 x 3  =  #9000

Bet 3  –  #9000 x 3  =  #27,000

Withdraw #20,000 and begin the next bet with the remaining #7000

Bet 4  –  #7000 x 3   =   #21,000

Bet 5  –  #21,000 x 3   =   #63,000

Bet 6  –  #63,000 x 3   =   #189,000

Withdraw #150,000 and begin next bet with #39,000

Bet 7  –  #39,000 x 3   =   #117,000

Bet 8  –  #117000 x 3   =   #351,000

Bet 9  –  #351,000 x 3   =   #1,053,000

Withdraw #700,000 and begin next bet with #353,000

Bet 10 –  #353,000 x 3   =   #1,059,000

Adding the withdrawals with the final win will give us approximately #2,000,000.

And that’s how your bank account grows gradually.

by now you would have been asking, But how do i get the bets to stake on?

Very Easy… although not that easy for beginners

Using the Key factors I gave you earlier you could easily head to free football prediction site like, or any of these 13 free prediction sites.

Find games they give with high percentage rate of winning,

preferably 70% and above and then make your personal research on them.

The Main goal is for you to find your own games and not always depending on sources, trust me there is joy in it every single time you win.

you could easily bet games on Double Chance, Both to Score, over 0.5 or 1.5 goals or easy straight wins.

Assuming its weekend or weekdays and Arsenal or Man city is playing Huddersfield away

Instead of risking Arsenal straight win on 1.7 odds you could go for Arsenal win or draw on 1.18 or 1.2 odds and possibly add another good tip based on your research to make up 1.3 to 1.5 odds after considering the Key Factors.

Remember, don’t be greedy as we are only looking for very good and confident tips that will help us increase our profits (odds 1.2 – 1.5 NOT MORE THAN THAT)

you can move to the daily 3 odds like i do when you get better at it.

Don’t Be Greedy!!!

This Challenge bet strategy is just one out of the 4 Strategies we wrote about in our Superb Killer Betting System e-book.

You can get your copy  >> here << and learn the 3 other Super Effective Strategies that will help you to Start Winning Bets Like Never Before, Win Back Everything You Have Ever Lost And Also Increase Your Bankroll By Over 350%

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