How I Earn $20 Bitcoin Everyday – No Investment Needed

How I Earn $20 Bitcoin Everyday – No Investment Needed

How you can earn as little as $5 to $65 Bitcoin everyday with little work.

Am going to keep this Short and Precise so just take actions on the steps i provide below but first let me explain the task needed for you to always Earn this free Bitcoin’s at the end of the day.

Firstly PIVOT is an Online Cryptocurrency Community that Share Bitcoin to it members that uses their App on a daily basis.

So you just have to download the App, Login to it with your gmail, open articles on the app and claim your free Points at the bottom of the article.

This Free Points now turns to Bitcoin Reward the next day.

You don’t even have to read the article just Open it scroll down and claim… its that simple.

So, If you are not the Lazy type and you are ready to earn some money with little work then proceed with the steps below

Step 1

Click this link >>

Step 2

The Link will take you to the below image Click on Download App to Withdraw

Step 3

After it takes you to your App store or Play Store, Download and Install the App.

when Opening the App if it prompts up the permission image Below Press On ALLOW.

Step 4

Once The app opens Click on to Sign in with google

Choose your google account from the emails you have on your phone that you want to use for the app

Step 5

After the Sign in is Successful with your email come back to the app and click on the Profile Head to login again


Step 6

Once you start seeing your name in your profile that shows you have logged in, Now you can start Claiming Points by opening articles or News on the app

Scroll Down Fast and click the Get Read Power

When you click on that it shows you Congratulations…

Daily limit claim is 4000 points you cant claim more than that, And whatever you earn will be paid the next morning at around 11am then you can withdraw to your bitcoin Wallets like Blockchain, Binance, Luno etc

Whichever one you use

Claim as much as you can and also refer your friends and family to it. The more people you refer the more money you make.

Making 100$ daily on this is possible if you work hard on it.

Remember no one is asking you to invest or pay money so grab this opportunity while it last.

Click this link >> to Begin.

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