FREE Bitcoin and Altcoin ; How to Easily Earn $50

FREE Bitcoin and Altcoin ; How to Easily Earn $50

Last Updated on September 12th, 2018

Looking at the history of money in some countries there was first a Trade by Barter where you exchange your yam for fish or bush meat back in the days.

It was inefficient and hard, so it evolved and there were cowries.

You know those little white seashells. It was far better than barter.

later it evolved to Manilas

And then till date was Paper Money (Bank Notes) which is been used all over the world but currently Another Evolution is about to happen

This time around is Called Cryptocurrency

for those who don’t Know

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money, a medium of exchange that is designed to be secure and in most cases, anonymous. It is created and stored electronically using a technology called the blockchain.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in history. It was created by an unknown inventor or group, with the name Satoshi Nakamoto, in 2009.

Some people say it’s Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla in disguise (he has since denied it) but no one knows for sure who it is.

Unfortunately 95% of Cryptocurrencies are SCAMS because not everyone is educated on the topic but based on my experience, i will reveal the top cryptocurrencies i know and have invested in for future Profits.

Bitcoin, Etheruem, Dash, Ripple, BitcoinCash, Cardano and Dogecoin.

Here is a Reason to get some for yourself Now.

Bitcoin launched in 2009 for $0.08 and today sells for above $6,316. Incredible right?

Ethereum launched in August 2015 at $1.70. Today it sells for over $180.52

and many others

Every year the Values keep Increasing

December 2017 Bitcoin rose to $20,000 and every other coin beneath it increased as well but recently the prices have plunged down but is expected as usual to reach $50,000 per bitcoin by the end of 2021.

Now why am i telling you all this? its because i want everyone to move along and participate in this new Generation of wealth that is about to happen again.

As many were made millionaires and billionaires after bitcoin Went from $1200 to $20,000 within the space of 3 months – September to December 2017.

And for you to make alot of money the next time this happens you could either purchase as many cryptocurrencies as you can, be it Bitcoin, Etheruem, Dash, Ripple, BitcoinCash, Cardano or Dogecoin


You can follow the instructions i left below to claim as much Cryptocurrency as you can for Free (this way you don’t have to be Scared about losing your money)

Free cryptocurrencies are claimed through faucets

Now, if you don’t know what a faucet is – they are a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a Satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth Bitcoin, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website.

There are a few faucets that will send your claims to CoinPot! And this faucets are among the best of the moment.

These faucets don’t have much ads and I think they are easier to use than most of the FaucetHub.

If you are not using them yet, you should try it!

So Basically, How you start earning this Free Coins that will pile up with time are in these Steps Below;

Step 1;

goto >>

and Register with an email you will also use to signup to the other faucet sites. (YOU SHOULD DO THIS FIRST)

Step 2;
There are 7 top faucet sites I personally use and can Confirm how reliable they are and how fast they pay.

visit each of them and register or Sign in (for those who don’t require sign ups) With the same email you used to Open your account.

1, BitFun : >> <<
Claim : 25-500 satoshis Timer : Every 3min

One of the most paying Bitcoin faucets !! You can claim every 3min , but if you wait longer, the amount will continue to grow ! And that makes it really interesting !
You can claim 25 to 500 satoshis, just by going on the website, click on claim and do the captcha to prove your human.

2, MoonBitcoin : >> <<
Claim : 15-500 satoshis Timer : Every 5min

It’s also a really good faucet, with the same system then Bitfun. You can claim every 5min but if you wait longer , the amount grows all the time, even if it grows slower and slower , you can claim once a day and it still worth it.

3, MoonLitecoin : >> <<
Claim : 350 – 7000 Litoshis Timer : Every 5mins

The sister website of MoonBitcoin, works the same way also, but this one is for Litecoin ! You will also get a 1% daily reward of your claim, growing every day that can go up to a maximum of 100%. This works for all three Moon faucets.

4, MoonDogecoin : >> <<
Claim : 0,1 – 5 Doge Timer : Every 5mins

The third Moon faucet, and it is also very similar to the other two ! Same timer , and you can get from 0,1 to 5 Doge for every claim. There is also a mystery bonus for each Moon faucet that will give a random % bonus to your claim and a daily bonus of 1% everyday.

5, MoonDash : >> <<
Claim : 150 – 200 Dashtoshis Timer : 5min

The 4th Moon faucet, and again it’s similar to the 3 other ones. Same timer , and you can get from 150 to 2000 Dashtoshis for every claim. There is also a mystery bonus for each Moon faucet that will give a random % bonus to your claim and a daily bonus of 1% everyday.

6, MoonBitcoinCash : >> <<
Claim : 20 – 500 Satoshis Timer : 5min

The 5th and last Moon faucet, and here it’s similar to the dash one. Same timer , and you can get from 150 to 2000 Dashtoshis for every claim. There is also a mystery bonus for each Moon faucet that will give a random % bonus to your claim and a daily bonus of 1% everyday.

7, Bonusbitcoin ; >> <<

This site is very cool for free bitcoin

And That’s it,

Remember to use the same email address for everyone of them so that once you claim a free coin it gets credited at your coinpot account.

And from there you can withdraw to your Respective Coin Wallets.

I hope this was Helpful…

If you have a question or confused in any way please leave a comment below so i can help you out..


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    Thanks for your help.
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