How to Load Bet Codes On 1XBET

How to Load Bet Codes On 1XBET

Last Updated on September 15th, 2019

A Quick guide here on How to Load Bet Codes on 1Xbet

if you do not already have a 1XBET Account do so by following the below instructions

  1. Click >> 1XBET  when the page opens click on “Registration“.
  2. Fill in your details and please use Email form of registration and NOT the Phone Number version.
  3. Use this code  1x_22994  as your Promo Code to Enjoy all the Bonuses they have to Offer.
  4. After Filling all your details that is required then click on SUBMIT.
  5. Click on Any Link that says download 1xbet app on their site and install the app on your phone.

Now Lets Move Over to How you Can Load a Bet Code on 1XBET

Most times people get sent a ticket code to play on 1xbet but they find it hard to load the code and in the process miss an opportunity of making themselves some quick money.

With the images and instructions below i will be showing you all the steps required

This First illustration Below is for those using the 1XBET app

1, Open the 1XBET App and click on the 3 slides by the top left to open up a Menu

2, Scroll Down to the Bet Slip Option and click on that down arrow

3, Click on Bet Slip

4, Click on the square with an arrow icon

5, Click on Download Bet Slip

6, Enter the Code sent to you by a Friend or Source etc… and press OK

7, After the tips load up, You can now take a look at them and then proceed by clicking on the BET button

8, Click on Place a Bet

9, Enter the Amount you want to Stake and Click on BET


That is exactly how to do it. So for those that are using the website its much Easier and faster

1, goto  and after you login to the site, click on the bet slip icon down the page

2, When it opens Click on the SAVE/DOWNLOAD bet slip button and a bar will drop down

3, Enter the Code sent to you by a Friend or Source etc… and click on Download

4, The games will load up and then you can now enter the amount you want to stake and click on Place A Bet

At this point i believe you can now load a code on 1XBET and stake your bet.

In case you want to remove some games from what was initially given to you then you can now click on the X button besides the game and then proceed with the staking.

you can as well click on SAVE down the bet slip to save a code for the remaining games you didn’t cancel.

That is it guys, Hope this was helpful and please click on the SHARE  below to also help Out those having the same problem.


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    really good articles, thanks. now it’s not a very good situation in the world, but I see that in 1xbet there are many unsports events and that’s cool

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