The Best Web Hosting Provider for Your Blog

The Best Web Hosting Provider for Your Blog

When I started Blogging, choosing the best web hosting provider was a nightmare for me.

I went from one host to another and each time i changed it was because of downtime, Slow Loading or Poor Customer Support.

But after Few years i arrived at two hosting provider which have been exceptionally the best and has worked hard over the years to maintain their reputation.

So Which two Web Hosting Provider Am I talking about here? Well you might also have heard about them too.


Yes, Those Two!

I will start with A2Hosting.

I started using A2Hosting 2 years ago and from day one i have really enjoyed their Services, Below are some of the Features.

They Offer a Windows and Linux Hosting Just like Every Web Hosting Provider but,


A2 Hosting is FAST, Like Very Fast especially if you are on their TURBO package.

As we all know the faster a website or Blog Loads the better and also can help boost the Search Engine Optimization.

A2 Hosting is Fast and Very Effective.


SSD Storage are far more faster than the normal Hard Disk that was initially been used by Web Hosting Providers.

All of A2’s shared hosting plans comes with SSD Storage.

A site that is slowed by just 1 second will lose customer retention, resulting in massive loss of sales.

99.9% UPTIME

Nothing is as frustrating than you opening your blog or website only to see that its not loading or that your server is down, most Web Hosting Providers are like this.

A2HOSTING has somehow managed to keep a 99.9% Uptime rate. Your Website never goes down with them and that’s something to consider when choosing a Web Hosting Provider


A2 HOSTING Offer alot of Unlimited features when you get their package.

With the Hosting package you are assured of Unlimited website hosting,some hosting providers can restrict their to 10 websites but its unlimited with A2 Hosting

You also get Unlimited Access to the other Features like Total Databases, Transfers, Email Addresses, Subdomains, Parked Domains and Addon Domains.


A2 Hosting has a well organised Conntrol Panel with one click installation for all of your website softwares like

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Woocommerce

and so many.

Makes it very easy to start your website and put it out there as soon as possible.


They have a top Notch Customer Support as you can get in contact to them through

  • 24/7 Calls
  • Live Chat and
  • Email

Although i must say that, Most times replying to you via email takes abit of time (couple of Hours).

But definitely you will be contacted within 24 Hours and have any issue you have solved.

This is the Main Reason I moved some of my websites to


DOMAINKING.NG is Everything that A2 Hosting is, Very Effective and Fast as well.

Like I said their Customer Support is faster than A2Hosting and Also it is a whole Lot AFFORDABLE!

You can actually buy a Year package on DomainKing with same amount of money you would have spent for a month or two at A2 Hosting.

Asides this two things (Customer Support and Pricing) A2 Hosting and DomainKing are a Twin as i have used both and can say they are very very good Web Hosting Providers.

A2Hosting is from the United States while DomainKing is from India, Which ever you choose am sure you will be Satisfied with their Services.

So Visit A2HOSTING or DOMAINKING Today and Start Enjoying All their Excellent Features.


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