What Football Betting is And How To Make Money From It

What Football Betting is And How To Make Money From It

Last Updated on June 9th, 2020

Football is the most popular ball game in the world at the moment. Aside from the World Cup and International games, several countries have their own local leagues.

The English Premier League is the most popular Club football competition in the world at the moment. Attracting a huge following not only in England, but across the globe and this in turn creates huge revenue for the league.

The football players in the English Premier league are amongst the highest paid in the world. With all this interest in football and the amount of money associated with it, it is inevitable that gambling or betting on the outcome of matches takes place.

The fans who bet feel closer to the action and more involved with their favorite teams.  The people who originally handled these bets were called bookkeepers or “bookies”. The bookies aside from taking the bets also give the odds of the matches about to be played, these odds are the possibilities of one team beating the other and which team is most likely to win.

Before a bookie has the odds of these games, there are usually compiled by sports analysts who examine each team, and their players as well as several other factors before arriving at ratio of likelihood as to which team will win. The bookies make a commission from taking the bets and the analysts earn money from the odds they come up with.

As the person who places the bet, or the bettor, it has been debated heatedly whether it is possible for them to make money of the process. Not only make money, but is it possible for a bettor to make a living by gambling. Several gamblers say it is possible to not only earn money from sports betting but to also make a living.

Betting systems and beliefs

Bettors have different beliefs and systems as to the best way of going about gambling on games and winning. Some believe in luck, while others have complex systems of using team statistics, players’ previous performance, if the team is playing at home or away and even the weather can be taken into account by some gamblers.

There are several internet sites as well as books that offer advice on how one can go about betting online and not just winning, but earning a living from it. Although a lot of people doubt that it is possible to predict or develop a winning system of gambling, there has been a famous system that saw a young guy called solomon who turned  1600  into  5635  in just 4 Days. However he never clearly explained his methods of betting.

Betting online with football is the latest craze. Unlike other sports where the numbers of events you can place bets on are limited, with online football betting the possibilities are limitless. With several leagues being played all over the world, everyday, it is possible to bet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The statics, facts and expert advice available for football are the most comprehensive compared to other sports.

With all this information available a bettor is better informed and is able to more confidently place a bet. The English Premier League (EPL) is the league that has the most information readily available for the bettor. From statistics, expert advice to previous performances by teams and individual players’ are all available for use before one places their bet. You could find some useful EPL News HERE

Aside from the EPL, other major leagues are The EUFA Champions League, the Europa League and the FA cup.

Online betting also comes with several great advantages. Once one feels they are ready to try betting online, you will be surprised at how easy and simple the process is. With most online betting sites like 1xbet (use the promo code; “nairapath” to get good bonus when registering), you are not limited by geography, i.e; you do not have to be in a particular place to place your bet.

Time is also another big advantage. Bets can be placed just before the game, even if it’s a matter of minutes before kickoff or even when the Match is On and Live .

For someone who is interested in betting online, they should look at a variety of sites before registering. This is to find a site which best suites their betting style or the mode of how betting is carried out is one they as a bettor is comfortable with. Different sites will offer different odds on games to make their site more attractive by giving better odds, I personally use 1xbet.com (use the promo code; “nairapath” to get good bonus when registering)

However it is best to look carefully at the terms and conditions of each site, despite the odds given. A lot of sites will also offer free betting advice, from their own expert analysts, statistics and their favorite picks. This will vary from site to site, as the objective of each site is to make money from the bettors, regardless of if they won or lost.

Place your bets

Once you decide on the site that suites your needs, registration is usually a simple and quick process. As the bettor, you will create an account with the site of your choice. By doing this you establish how you will be depositing your money to place your bets and also the mode of payment for you to collect your winnings.

I recommend;

1xbet (use the promo code; “nairapath” to get good bonus when registering) and Bet9ja << click to register at their website…

Each site has a minimal amount one can deposit and a minimal amount one can place on a bet. Once you are registered and ready to start betting, you will find most sites have free give a ways, such as a free bet for a set amount for you to place on a game of your choice.

This is an incentive for you to stick to the site and keep betting. These free bets and other incentives will keep coming as you bet. Other incentives come in the form of tips, picks of the day and bonus bets on particular games.

Now Listen…

Earning a living from betting is possible. With all the information available, a gambler is able to make a very informed choice before placing a bet. There are sites which are specifically set up to analyze and explain the odds of particular games.

With time, a bettor will be able to process all of this information better. Both from the site they are registered to and with external information sites. This availability of information is what makes betting on football more attractive and viable as a way to earn money.

Some Information Sites i use are;

goonersguide  and   Newsnow

For you to truly be able to profit from betting on football online is control. As the bettor, you may not even know the names of the team which are playing; however the odds and the additional information that is available allows you to place a well informed bet.

By having all of this at your disposal, it is easy to keep track of your winnings and losses. This will enable you to recover loses and turn a profit. The odds that you are given are checked and fair and if you don’t feel they suit you, you do not have to bet.

Cashing in
The best part about online betting is the ease of which money transactions take place. Since everything is done online, your winnings are credited immediately to your bank account. There are no middle men or brokers, at most there will be a small transaction fee charged by the site as they deposit your winnings into your account and that depends on the site.

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At the end of the day when you decide to cash out, and close your account or even withdraw partial payment is instantaneous and private. This is done either done by mobile money transfer or inter -bank transfers. This is a lot safer than going to collect large amounts of cash from a bookie.

At the end of the day, it is possible to earn money by betting on football. If one gets all the relevant information, expert advice, statistics, and most importantly the odds on offer, they are able to make a more informed bet as compared to any other type of betting. So if stay focused while betting, then making a profit is much easier. Online football betting is a convenient, safe and profitable way of making money online.

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